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Spokane Bicycle Club Rides Program

If you have moved to, live in, or are visiting Spokane and you want to go on a fun bike ride, you’ve come to the right place! Spokane Bicycle Club (SBC) offers group rides several days a week and on weekends. Our group rides range from leisurely 10-mile social rides to longer fitness and endurance rides. Some rides are urban and some are in the wider Inland Empire area around Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. Our rides are listed on the rides schedule and new rides may be added at any time.

Who Can Ride?

Members and non-members alike are welcome on group rides.

Non-members are expected to join the club after their first club ride in order to be covered by club insurance.

You will need to sign the waiver at the start. Helmets are required on all SBC rides.


SBC is following Washington State guidelines for Covid requirements.

We suggest you carry a spare mask for indoor venues which still may require a mask.

Information for Newcomers

Welcome to SBC’s Rides Program, organized and led by volunteers. We hope you have an enjoyable and safe cycling experience, and find rides that suit your riding style and fitness level.


If you have questions about a ride, contact the ride leader, whose contact information is on the ride posting. Unsure about what pace to select? Read up on our rides classifications below to determine what pace to select for your ability.


You are responsible for your own decisions on the ride. To ensure your safety and that of others however, we do have some expectations of ride participants as follows:


  • Cyclists are required to wear a helmet correctly adjusted. Bike shops sell modestly priced helmets and can help fit and adjust them for you.
  •  Participants must sign a waiver including emergency and/or home phone numbers.
  • Riders must cycle in a legal, safe, and courteous manner. Never ride with earphones or ear buds. Pull off and stop when using a cell phone.
  • Participants should carry a pump, spare tube, patch kit and money and know how to fix their own flats. Don’t know how to fix a flat? Ride leaders and other riders can show you. REI offers seasonal maintenance classes and other bike shops may as well.
  • Plan to arrive at least ten minutes before the start time with your bicycle ready to ride.  This allows time to sign the waiver, listen to the route instructions, meet the leader and look at the map if available.
  • For the group’s enjoyment as well as your own, choose a ride at the pace and distance that matches your current ability.
  • Not every ride stays together. Some rides provide maps and cue sheets while others do not. The Rides Classifications section below explains the variable details that are listed for a ride.
  • All participants are expected to be personally responsible for his/her own conduct and decisions while on a SBC ride.

How Do I Pick the Right Ride?


All rides are classified according to pace and other characteristics. To pick the ride for your skills and energy level, review the rides classifications (see 'Ride Classifications' tab). Riders should ride within the pace indicated by the ride leader. If you’re unsure of your ability to keep up, choose a slower-paced ride first. You can always choose a faster ride next time.



Whether or not a map or cue sheet is provided.




Indicates how often the leader stops to regroup. Generally faster-paced and longer-mileage rides regroup less frequently. “None” and “occasional” regroup categories generally expect experienced riders who can fix their own minor mechanical problems and follow a map or cue sheet if they get separated from the group.

  • None
  • Occasional
  • Frequent
  • Stay-together


Rain/Snow etc.


Indicates whether or not certain weather conditions cancel the ride. Contact the ride leader to determine if ride is cancelled.

  • Steady rain cancels
  •  Ice/snow cancels
  • Lightning storms cancel



All riders are expected to carry the equipment necessary to fix a flat (tube, patch kit, pump). Ride leaders are not responsible for mechanical problems.

Above information adapted courtesy of Cascade Bicycle Club

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If necessary to file a claim after an injury during an SBC ride, please use the form and its instructions in the link below:

Health Special Risk (HSR) - Claims


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