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Commuting Tips

Why do it?

  • It's a gift to your neighborhood - it reduces car traffic
  • It's a gift to the Earth - your not emitting CO2 as you go about daily tasks
  • Burns calories – For a 150 lb person, cycling at less than 10 mph, 300 calories an hour.
  • Saves $, over driving (and isn't it more fun to fill yourself than the gas tank?)
  • May is a great month to be outdoors - not too hot, not too cold, with flower-scented air.
  • Makes you healthier. For example, bicycling just 20 miles per week reduces women’s risk of heart disease by 50%, as well as reducing their risk of breast cancer, and weight gain

Getting Started
  • Make sure your bike is road-worthy. Video here on checking your bike before a ride.
  • Plan your route.  Spokane Regional Transportation Council has a Sept 2022 map.
  • Ride safely - on the road, with traffic, maintaining a consistent lane position.  Advice here   and here

  • Trail courtesy: bike/pedestrian trails, from the Friends of the Centennial Trail.  Especially pertinent is 
    • PLEASE audibly say “on your left” when passing other users.
  • Have a long commute?  Consider taking the bus for part of the trip: Bikes on Buses 
  • Protect your bike from theft. 
  1. Use a Ubar lock, maybe an additional lock as well.
  2. Park off the street, if possible.  Discuss this ahead of time with your employer.
  3. Register your bike with the Spokane Police Dept:  If your bike is stolen and recovered by the police, they can get it back to you.
More Information

The League of American Bicyclists has  advice on cycling – Smart Cycling Tips covering bike fit, apparel, sharing a trail, bike maintenance, commuting tips –

Washington State Dept of Licensing  has issued a new driver's manual, which includes tips for interacting with cyclists on the road.  Among the topics: Dutch reach; bike boxes; how much room to give cyclists when passing.  DOT's Active Transportation Division consulted on the manual.  See:

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