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Upcoming events

    • 14 Apr 2018
    • 4 sessions
    • Spokane Fair and Expo Center

    The Spokane Bicycle Club will have a table at the upcoming Bike Swap as an outreach to potential members. 

    Please sign up to represent the club at one of the 2 hour sessions. 

    Questions? call or text Gerry Bergstrom 509-995-8118; moongazer82849@gmail.com

    • 18 May 2018
    • 20 May 2018
    • Weiser Idaho

    Spokane Bicycle Club offers a two day supported ride on the Weiser River Rail Trail. Members only. 


    May 18 day one- travel to Weiser Idaho. Cyclists and bikes will be shuttled from Weiser to New Meadow or WYE trail head (campers)

    May 19 day two - ride to Mundo Hot Springs (2 1/2 miles from Cambridge, ID) approximately 42 miles. 

    May 20 day three - ride to Weiser, ID. Approximately 42 miles. 

    Cost: $60 per person for regular registration: March 16 - April 30

    $50 per person for early registration: January 15 - March 15

    Refundable up to April 30, 2018. Non refundable if cancellation is May 1st or later. 

    Registration is open on January 15th. Register by going to the Spokane Bicycle Club website (click here) . 

    Sag support is available to transport luggage from start to Mundo Hot Springs or Cambridge (if necessary) and to Weiser Trail Head on day three. 

    Bike and tire repair supplies are up to each rider. A floor pump will be available on the sag wagon. 

    Total miles: 84. Mundo is at the halfway point. 

    Accommodations: Day one - New Meadows motel(s) or Wye Trailhead for campers

    Day two - Mundo Hot Springs (tent, RV, cabin or house with sleeping rooms. 

    Day three - Ride is completed after arriving at the Weiser Trailhead. 

    Questions: Garry Kehr, 509-990-1474, gkehr.sbc@gmail.com

    Cost assumptions:

    Shuttle - school bus with driver: $550 (May 18)

    U-Haul truck for transporting bicycles: 359.58 (one day rental + 99 cents per mile, fuel cost and damage waiver. 

    U-Haul trailer for sag support: $80.85 (three day rental plus damage waiver)

    Cost per person is based upon 20 riders.

    • 29 Jun 2018
    • 9:30 AM
    • 01 Jul 2018
    • 5:30 PM
    Registration is closed

    This Spokane Bicycle Club offers this two night / three day local tour. Key features & Maps:

    Three choices to make the tour accessible to all of our members
    • Plummer to Wallace on CD'A trail returning over Dobson Pass and back to the trail (148.2 miles). Day one: Plummer to Kellogg (54.4 mile) (camp or motel). Day two: Kellogg to Wallace (11 miles) spend the day in Wallace and evening exploring and socializing. Day three: Wallace - Dobson Pass - CD'A trail - Plummer. (83.9 miles) For Map and Cue Sheet click HERE.
    • Plummer to Wallace and back on the CD'A trail (132.2 miles) Day one: Plummer to Kellogg (54.4 mile) (camp or motel). Day two: Kellogg to Wallace (11 miles) spend the day in Wallace and evening exploring and socializing. Day three: Wallace - Plummer on the CD'A trail. (65.1 miles). For Map and Cue Sheet click HERE
    • Rose lake (trailhead on the CD'A trail) to Wallace and back. (62.2 miles round trip). Day one: June 30 - Rose lake Trailhead to Wallace (31.3 mile). Spend the day in Wallace and evening exploring and socializing.Day two: return to Rose Lake Trailhead. For Map and Cue Sheet click HERE
    • This tour will be cancelled in the unlikely chance that less than 12 members register by June 15, 2018
    • Luggage support is provided
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