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  Reminders:   The start time is the departure time, not the arrival time.


  NOTE: The icon  2  is added if there are two possible rides in one listing.

Ride Schedule Overview and Current Update

Rides are not necessarily consistent with their names as they have been in the past, so please be sure to check each individual ride as to start time, speed and distance.

For our current  schedule - please click on one of the links below:

January - February 2020:

Monday Traditional Recurring Rides - no rides

Team Tuesday Rides - no rides

Scenic Tuesday Rides - no rides

Thursday Morning Rides - no rides

Friday Women's Rides - no rides

Saturday Steady and Brisk Rides

Saturday Steady Rides (preview for Mar14-15)

Pick-Up Rides

     Past scheduled rides published bi-monthly can be reviewed here.

Other AREA RIDES offered by Local Groups / Bike Shops:

Please check with ride area for any updates to group rides

Wheel Sport East - every Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

Fitness Fanatics    - every Thursday evening 6 pm

BADDLANDS - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday rides

Email: (info@baddlands.com)

Bike Hub – every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

Two Wheel Transit - Two Wheel Transit has a no drop shop ride every Wednesday

No drop means don't show off and hammer off the front; stay with the ride leader (Geoff). Mingle with the other riders and have fun. Leaves at 5:30 from Two Wheel's lot on South Perry. Facebook page (here).

 Ride Tip for Group Ride - Etiquette:

             Riding on gloomy, short, fall days:

Many days in the fall it can be foggy, cloudy, or rainy, and generally rather gloomy. In these conditions, bicyclists are urged to use a blinking headlight and twilight, with FRESH batteries. When the conditions are grey, bicyclists are even harder to see than on bright and sunny days, and a good head and tail light attracts attention. 

This brings us to:

             Avoid the "door zone":

When riding beside a row of parked cars, it is best to stay at least four feet away from the cars. Doors on modern cars often open out three to four feet or more, and window tinting makes it impossible to see what the driver/passenger is doing. Very often drivers swing out their door without looking at all, or just looking for approaching cars.

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