Spokane Bike To Work Week: May 18-22

Bike to Work - Bike To School - Bike To Play



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  Throughout this week the SBC     

   leaders and volunteers are   

   showing great presence, support 

   and resources to this event.

    Here are some memorable images
   from the kickoff day:
SBC Team
SBC Team
Cindy Green

Dave Braun 

Lila Meglio 

Click below for full album views:

         Kick-Off Day photos

         Team Breakfast photos

Tasty ice cream, great fun,
musical entertainment too ...
- enjoyed on May 16 2015 -
Thanks Robin!

           (click photo to view the album)


Jewels of Portugal Tour
Mary Margaret and Ken Boardman's 
presentation at SBC General Meeting
(May 11 2015 - click to watch their HD movie)

Sintra - Monsarez - Evora - Redondo - Elvas - Crato - Marvao - Castello de Vida - 
- Martinchal - Fatima - Batalha - Obidos - Peniche - Sintra
( 494 miles, over 33,000' ascent, average 40mi/day )

An 8-week cross-country ride to Boston

Safe Routes to School…does it matter? Does it work?

Read More


Safe Route To School Bike Maintenance Event
April 3rd - Reardan-Edwall School District, Spokane, WA
      Eight SBC members and two excellent bike mechanics from our sponsors,     
      North Division Bicycles and Wheel Sport, met for 2 and 1/2 hours to perform 
      maintenance on 32 bicycles from the Reardan- Edwall school district. 
      The Reardan-Edwall school district is part of the growing number of districts 
      signing up for the Safe Routes To Schools curriculum nationally, in the state 
      of Washington and spokane county. The volunteers were:

   Left to Right: Garry Kehr, Dan Nordendale (North Division), Nate Espinosa (Wheel Sport), 
           Eric Henningsen, Norma Baker, John Beaton, Harry Stickney, Gary Reymers, David Zack. 
           Stacey Kobes is missing from the photo because she had to leave for another appointment 
           (on her bike, of course). Please click on the photo to view the entire album.

Upcoming Tours & Rides

Visit the  2015 NW Tour Guide


P.A.G.E. - 20th Annual Ride
May 30-31, 2015

      P.A.G.E. is a 2-day 224 km (140 miles) fun fund-raiser ride organized 
        by First Baptist Church in Nelson, B.C., Canada - around the beautiful
        Kokanee Glacier Park. Click on picture for a full overview.
      Interested riders: 
       - Contact Lorne Westnedge,  tel. 250.352.7199, page@fbcnelson.ca
       - Visit the 'Early Bird' brochure 

World Relief Seattle
SEA-TRI-KAN Ride for Refugee Employment
June 17-21

 Click the banner to read more about it

Tandem Rally Event
Here is the Invitation to Join


 Spokane Parks Needs Your Input

Trail Topics header

Fun-Packed Chili Cook-Off: A Great Time Together

  The Chili Cook-Off was a great
  success! Everyone had a great
  time. Special thanks to Robin  
  Walters who was the planner,
  graphic artist and the master
  of ceremonies for the event.
  Watch those unforgettable
  moments in this entertaining
  video created by Robin.

Holiday Party - What fun!!

For a fun video click here

Get-Well Wishes to Steve Sauser
        If you crash on your bike going only 10 miles an hour, you have 
           little worry about having an injury, right? 
           Steve Sauser, past president and long time club member has first 
           hand experience with crashing at less than 10 miles an hour.
           ... read more

Recent ride photos

Monday Ride - May 18, 2015

The start moment, caught at the Little Garden Cafe.
(click on photo to view the album)

Tuesday Scenic Ride - May 5, 2015

Enjoying the sun and the view on a short stop on Lake Newman.
Leaders: T.J & Mary Badger (click on photo for full size)

Saturday Leisurely - May 2, 2015

Smiling group at destination - Indaba coffee shop, on a gorgeous day.
Saturday II ride, leader Dixie Girdner (click on photo for full size)

Saturday Moderate - April 25, 2015

              Waiting out the rain on Newman Lake Saturday ride, April 25: 
              Frank Ping, Bill Mullin, Sally Phillips,  Sheila Ping, Lila Meglio, 
              Blair Strong     (click on photo to view full size)

Saturday Leisurely - April 18, 2015

              Everyone enjoyed the company and great weather on this ride.
              Leader: Dixie Girdner     (click on photo to view full size)

Saturday Moderate - April 18, 2015

Bob Bowley's Saturday team - at a stop overlooking Lake CDA
(click on photo to view full size)

Monday Traditional - April 6, 2015

            Bill Mullins in Riverside Park - on the first scheduled Monday 
           traditional ride of the year.  Rainy, snowy, and 35 degrees. Brr! 

Thursday AM - April 2, 2015
Clara Clark's Birthday Ride

            Click on the photo above to view the entire album

Wednesday Women's Ride - March 25, 2015

                6 brave "iron" girls defied rain and 40F and came for their ride. 
             Leader: Kiyomi Walker

Saturday Ride II - March 7, 2015

FLT-Cheney On a Mild Sunny Winter Day
(Saturday Ride - February 21, 2015) 

Scenic Riders - 2014 photos

See more pictures by clicking on this link

Click for a slide show for 2014 Wednesday Women's Riders

A fine weather day - just before the cold weather hit

Left: Margaret Watson, Elaine Thorne, Nancy Tressler, Georgia Krueger, Dixie Girdner and Angie Solinsky

For information on the January 12th General Meeting, click "Flyer".

October 2014 Annual Banquet

For more pictures- Click HERE

The 2014-15 Slate was voted into office unanimously with 61 votes at the banquet. 

To see the slate, awards and sponsors, click here

Friday Pick-Up Ride
October 10, 2014
-Kiyomi Walker-
"Come Rain or Shine"

October 12 Progressive Dinner

-Happy Cyclists-
Saturday AM Leisurely
Ride leader - Cyrus McLean

- Friday pick-Up ride - 
Kiyomi Walker, Leader
(and photographer)

Spokane Bicycle Club
-Outreach at Fish-lake Trail Head (Milton Street)-
August 9, 2014

Wednesday Women's Fish Lake Trail Ride
typical great turnout
-well done-

The threat of violence on a lone cyclist...a true story. If you ride alone at night, you might want to read this. (Link)

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