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Ride Stats 2013

Spokane Bicycle Club
-Outreach at Fish-lake Trail Head (Milton Street)-
August 9, 2014

Wednesday Women's Fish Lake Trail Ride
typical great turnout
-well done-

Spokane Regional Map
-Now Available at bike shops-
(hand delivered by SBC volunteers)

Hank Greer
Harry Stickney
Janie Black

Unusual ride:
Thursday A.M. ride on July 24
Ride leader, Don Barden
The day after the big T-Storm in Spokane

What to do if you are caught in a Thunderstorm

If caught in the open during a Thunderstorm, what should you do? 
A. Lay flat on the ground
B. Squat on the ground, put your head between your knees and cover your ears
C. Run like the dickens
D. Get on your bike because it has rubber tires
E. Other

For the right answer and a complete guide, click HERE

Spokane Bicycle Club Progressive Dinner
35 members of the Spokane Bicycle Club participated in the summer progressive dinner. Kudos to Mary Ann Bosky (Salad), Sally Phillips (main dish) and Kay Putnam (desert). The planning and execution were perfecto as was the weather. 
To see a short scrapbook video of who attended the event, click here: (2 minute video with music)
SBC Progressive Dinner (Low definition)
SBC Progressive Dinner (High definition)
(turn on sound)
To See individual photos, click here:

Trans-Washington 2014
37 riders, 5 support persons

Group Shot - Trans-Washington

Trans-Washington riders - Pinto Ridge

Rika Reams & Kathy Mogan - Pinto Ridge

Rob Parker - Pinto Ridge

Stacey Kobes distributing wild flowers to Jamie and Paula Sutherlin

Rick and Ellen Peller

The threat of violence on a lone cyclist...a true story. If you ride alone at night, you might want to read this. (Link)

The Forum
Have you noticed the "Online member input" page under the "Members Only" Tab? This is a place for on line dialogue among members, by subject. This can be viewed by members only. You can also see what's going on with the board and committees. Check it out

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