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Current Newsletter July - August 2020  


August 5, 2020

The SBC Board met on August 4, 2020 voted to cancel all SBC-sponsored bike rides through the end of August.  The feasibility of rides will be assessed on an ongoing basis with the hope of a resumption in September.

SBC Board will post on the SBC Facebook and SBC FB page past rides in the hope that SBC members and their family and friends will be interested and ride routes they have not ridden before or for some time.

The routes will be descriptive and include the length, route and any special interest of the particular route.

Also the SBC tours in Canada and Colville,WA have been cancelled

Disclaimer:   The Spokane Bicycle Club makes no representations or warranties as to the difficulties or current conditions of the published routes and is not responsible for risks, damages or accidents which may occur as a result of bicycling on these or any other routes referred on the Spokane Bicycle Club website

May Month Bike-Everywhere Events 

locally fulfilled by


Due to the pandemic, this year's Bike Everywhere celebration

has changed 

Bike Everywhere social events have moved to September, during the NEW Bike to Work Week, 9/ 21-27

However, with gym closures, this is a great time to try biking as a replacement exercise - only your own germs to cope with if you ride to work or stores.  May is a great biking month.  Let us help you develop a healthy new habit for yourself, and your family.

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- enjoy below images from past Bike-Everywhere events -

SBC Old Flames

Our refugee awareness ride across the state is in June.

We thank everyone for your donations to help our local refugee community through Spokane World Relief. Our goal is $8,000. ALL donations are tripled by a grant so it really makes a big local impact!!

SBC Old Flames - Update

While there is no longer a picnic or cross state ride the Old Flames ride on for our local refugees whose needs are bigger than ever. Check out our new website. Funds are still TRIPLED  through a grant!

The new Century Challenge is set for World Refugee Day June 20. Previously donated funds have been transferred there. Sigrid Lee has created our century route. Depending on COVID status this may be a small group ride or done individually.

SeaTriCan 2020 and World Relief Fundraising

Trudy O'Grady's 2018 Tour in Vietnam

- story and video presented at 5/13/2019 SBC GM -


 Cycling World News

  and Curiosities


Global Cycling Network :    

Image result for GCN Tech global cycling network

The Most Expensive Bikes in the Tour De France

Recent Ride Photos

    5/29/2018 - Tuesday Scenic Ride: CDA - Post Falls loop.
    Leader: Mary Ayers

 Ellen Peller Rides in GCC-USA
Fundrising To Fight Kids' Cancer



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Jennifer Calvert & Nancy Tressler: Bicycling On Katy Trail 

(presented in General Meeting, 3/13/17)

Jennifer Calvert & Georgia Krueger: Bicycling Along Danube River 

(presented in General Meeting, 3/13/17)

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